Our meat is an all-around natural product, and highly controlled by USDA and EU inspectors, tested and approved for your consumption.We guarantee freshest quality from 24 month old animals.All our meat is produced in a small custom butcher company in Omaha / Nebraska, which custom produces our meat cuts for us.

Recent studies show every aspect why the meat of the bison is one of the healthiest meats in the world. A study of a professor from Switzerland proofed that for example Native American women get 95 % less cancer or sugar diabetes, if they eat traditional bison meat, it also controls the cholesterol in our body.

The meat consists of fine fiber, which makes it tender and very fast to cook. The color of the meat is dark red and has less fat then Deer or Chicken. A very lean ,very healthy meat.

Health Aspects

Bison meat has a high content of selenium which makes it especially good to break down minerals, vitamins in the human body.

Here are some facts in comparing to other kind of meats:





Saturated Fat




2.42 g

143 kcal

82 mg

0.91 g

28.44 g

3.42 mg

Beef 90% lean

11.73 g

217 kcal

85 mg

4.63 g

26.11 g

2.71 mg


18.19 g

265 kcal

105 mg

5.15 g

23.55 g

1.51 mg


3.57 g

165 kcal

85 mg

1.01 g

31.02 g

1.04 mg

For more information on minerals, vitamins :

USDA Data http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/

This hardy, healthy meat is favored by health enthusiasts, athletes and people who enjoy the taste of an unspoiled, natural meat.