Since million of years the Bison roamed free in the plains of the North American continent. The bison was always the food, clothes and tool source of the Native Plains Indians. The "buffalo" (how they called him) delivered meat, raw hide for bags, hides for bedding, Tipis and robes. Every part of the animal was used - bones, sinew, horns, hoofs, hair.

The bison (tatanka) was a sacred animal and the source of all life for the people. About 150 years ago most of the app. 40 million bison were slaughtered by the white settlers and their government in the effort to control the Indians and destroy their food supply. After they where done, only about 500 animals where left. Through efforts of a farmer and the new president Theodore Roosevelt, those remaining Bison were protected and placed into the first National Park, Yellowstone.

Through many efforts from private breeders, Park Services, and some imported animals from Canada in the early 20 century, the Bison again roams the plains of the USA.
Today we have a population of app. 450.000 animals. Due to well adjusted breeding programs the Bison breeders and Park Services help to give back this remarkable animal his traditional place in American society.

The American Bison is back.