Our Bison Breeder Cooperative is a small organization which includes 150 breeders. We have app. 40 000 animals on our farms.
Our ranches have vast spaces where the bison roams free on our huge pastures, just as they always did since thousands of years. The animals live off the land with all its natural resources. The buffalo feeds on buffalo grass; many different herbs, which are native throughout the prairie, as well as they dig for minerals in our mineral rich soil.

The bison is a very hardy animal, which results in the awesome taste of this healthy meat.
Our organization makes sure that we only breed the best animals and that they live in a natural environment with no human influence or manipulation.


The area where our Bison roam is South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska and Oregon and includes several hundred thousand acres.

Breeder Efforts

Our efforts are to support and promote this wonderful animal and to make sure that there will be always Bison in this land.

We guarantee that our Bison are of the highest quality available on the today's market.


The philosophy of our breeders is to promote, breed and support in any way the growth of the bison. We have a healthy, balanced breeding program which allows us to provide the most natural, healthy and pure meat of today.

We believe that the bison must have its place again among the animals of the American West.